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Natural Lawn Care Madison, NJ

6 Steps to a Natural Lawn

Madison, NJ — Nothing sets off your home and garden like a lush, green lawn. It's a living framework that makes trees, flowerbeds and shrub borders look their best. Lawns are the ideal carpet for outdoor recreation and entertaining. They draw carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give off oxygen, and they help keep air temperatures cooler in the summertime.

Historic Structure Consulting Madison, NJ

Lighting Project In The Works For Madison's Borough Hall

MADISON, NJ — The Hartley Dodge Memorial might be getting a lighting makeover, according to a presentation made at a recent Madison Borough Council meeting.

Prevent Frozen Pipes Madison, NJ

Take preventive measures now to reduce the risk of frozen pipes

Madison, NJ | A frozen garden hose can cause more damage than a busted hose; it can actually burst an interior pipe. When the water in the hose freezes, it expands, increasing pressure throughout the whole plumbing system.
If you don't have frost-proof spigots, close the interior shut-off valve leading to that faucet, open and drain the spigot, and install a faucet insulator. They cost only a couple bucks and are worth every penny.

Best time For Home Inspection Madison, NJ

When is the best time to have your home inspected?

Madison, NJ | Conventional wisdom says that the best time to have a home inspection is during the due diligence period of a real estate transaction, before the sale is finalized. This allows the potential buyer to uncover any issues or problems with the property before...

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